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Business Development

Prior to a search beginning, SSG take the time to accurately understand our client’s organisation, in terms of culture, current operations and strategy for growth. In conjunction with this, we provide detailed information on factors which may impact upon the process, such as current market conditions, competition, remuneration / day rate expectations, and company image.

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Working with both HR and Technical Management, we ask questions and discuss ideas in order to create a full description of the technical competencies required, as well as the softer skills and career goals necessary to be successful in both the role and the company. In addition to this, agreed timeframes are put in place to ensure the efficiency of the entire process.

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When it comes to finding the best technical talent, we explore further.

Our internal database provides us with an extensive and varied professional E&P network to resource from, divided by current location, technical discipline and experience level.

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However, it is our relationships and reputation which open us up to a reliable referral network, leading to direct headhunting, as well as other tailored search and select methods.

In addition, and if relevant, we advertise the vacancy through industry press.

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Before SSG provide a detailed shortlist to our client, we apply a stringent process to ensure our candidates have been fully qualified for the role. In addition to reference checks and thorough telephone interviews regarding motivations, skills and experience, we meet our candidates where logistically possible in order to solidify interest and commitment.

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In return, candidates will have a clear understanding of the role and company they could potentially be interviewing for, while our client receives a fully qualified shortlist.

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Upon submission of our shortlist, the development phase of our process is very much dependent on our client providing efficient, prompt and detailed feedback.

Agreed timeframes for CV feedback and interviews will have been set, and it is now a case of managing the process. Should subsequent interviews take place, SSG ensures both client and candidate are kept updated with any development which may occur.


Timing is now essential to success.

Once all interviews are complete, and our client have identified their preferred candidate, an offer will be prepared.

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Subsurface Global will liaise with both client and candidate to ensure a competitive offer is delivered, ensuring minimal negotiation and administration is involved. Upon verbal acceptance, a contract will be delivered to the successful candidate, signed and returned, agreeing a mutually convenient start date in the process.


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After each and every placement, we review the process and discuss with our client any improvements or alterations we could make. Each client is unique and so might their internal recruitment process be. Thus, SSG’s flexible but focused approach allows us to be client specific when it comes to recruitment.

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We take a consultative, long-term, added-value, relationship-orientated approach to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our repeat business and development of key client relationships through multiple successful placements.

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